Monday, November 23, 2009

Bourne Ultimatum

This is the third film of the amazing Bourne collection. Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon very passably made this version the ultimate one. Just how well it was written and directed shows why it was able to snatch 3 Oscars at the 2008 Academy Awards. It was an amazing production and the best thing is that it added to the endless success of the previous 2 films.

The plot behind this film was for Bourne to end all his struggles that he'd been faced with and chased with, and also to take revenge for the murder of his girlfriend. It was a sublime story line. It continued right where it left of from the second film and Bourne cleared out all his problems in the end. He revealed all the black tricks that were hidden in safes and labeled as classified information. He was also able to give the information which is known as the Blackbriar files to Pamela Landy. He then proceeds to find his past and exactly what happened, and also to terminate the organization which has been conducting these horrible operations.

This movie was a real work of art and proved for the third time that story will ultimately succeed. It grossed over $400 million at the box office which yet again proved to be a great success. There are also rumors about a 4th Bourne coming out, however it is likely that it will not be based on the book by the author Robert Ludlum. It will likely be a brand new project, and it is suggested that it will be out by sometime in 2010. We just hope that it does because it has potential to be another epic action thriller.

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